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Lip, chin & sides of face laser hair reduction

Time Length: 20 mins.

Have you noticed thicker darker hairs growing on your chin, lips and dace as you age? Perhaps your makeup tends to stick, or perhaps you have caught a stray hair catch the light on a zoom call. Get peace of mind with laser hair removal and ditch the facial for good.

What is laser hair removal / reduction?

Hair reduction by controlled flashes of light, which is absorbed by the hair-filled follicle o the surface of the skin. Its the pigment in the hair shaft that absorbs the light. This results in the follicle disabling the hair. The dead hair shaft appears to grow and then fall out.

How many appointments will I need?

Generally 6-8 treatments are required. A consultation is required for for new clients before an appointment can be carried out.

Why chin, lip & facial hair laser hair removal:

  • Ditch the stubble
  • Nice smooth surface to apply makeup on
  • No stray whiskers catching you out.
  • No nasty depilatory creams.
  • No skinning yourself with wax strips